Glacier Diesel Performance

Among the more popular items is our in house manufactured GDP Performance Products which include TORKER 6.7L Cummins Injector Nozzles, Mega-Flo 6.7L Intake Manifolds, 5.9L Fuel Rail Conversion Kits, Air Boss CR and Air Boss 67 Intake Plenums, 6.7L Arctic Heat Grid Heater relocation kits, 6.7L Grid Heater Deletes for Pickup and C&C, Cummins 6.7L Pro-Gate & Street-Gate Diesel Wastegate Kits, Cummins Grid Heater Deletes, Power-Flo Intake Manifolds, Fuel Boss Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Bolt-on Ladder Bars and Traction Bars, 2 Micron Fuel Filter Systems, and 2nd gen Dodge fuel filter kits. Let us help you in ordering your product to ensure you get the right fit for your vehicle.