Exergy Performance

Wild Diesel Performance is your direct supplier of Exergy Performance!!! 

Products and Services: 

  • New, Reman, and Customer Injectors Modified to Flow at Nearly Any Level

    • Unlimited nozzle flow increases via EDM and Hone (if you have the air, we can get you the fuel)
      • Nozzles flow balanced within 1% across set
      • Stock and Bosch Motorsport nozzles
      • Important Things to Note:
        • No sales of nozzles only. Modified nozzles only available in complete injectors.
        • We do not remanufacture or rebuild customer injectors. We have found it a better customer value to begin with new or reman injectors if injectors have excessive wear.
        • Every used customer set receives baseline testing upon arrival to determine if they are good candidates for the requested modifications.

    • Injector sets balanced within 4% at rated power
      • Injector testing across full operating rangeQuantity
        • Injection-to-injection quantity variation (shot-to-shot)
        • Injection rate
        • Injector return-flow
        • Each in-house modified set comes with a calibration summary
        • Full injector mapping available upon request


  • High Output Common Rail Pumps 3 Levels To Choose From
      • Sportsman: Extended RPM range verses stock
      • 10mm Stroker: Capable of 800+HP with supporting mods
      • 12mm Stroker: Capable of 1000+HP with supporting mods