aFe Power Diesel Elite Program

Posted by Jake G on 10/13/2015

Wild Diesel Performance is proud to be a part of the aFe Diesel Elite program! We have been selected by Turn-14 to participate and our customers will continue to receive the best value, pricing, and customer service in the industry! Check it out below or order your exclusive aFe Diesel Elite products here.

What is the Diesel Elite Program

• It is an exclusive program for preferred business partners 
• It is an exclusive program with full coverage of all turbo diesel trucks with 32 part numbers. 
• It is an exclusive program to add more “value” to a “high quality” product line. 

What are the Key Features the Diesel Elite

This program is not available to everyone. Only select “preferred business partners” will be invited to participate in this exclusive program. 


• Availability of inventory and Priority to inventory 

Program Highlights

• Limited P/N's 32 only with three retail price points: $299, $329 and $399 
• Lower MAP $30-$100 compared to non-Elite part numbers 
• New Package, aFe Diesel BOX 
• Extra Value: $30 Hat + Cleaning Solution 
• Coverage: 23+Years of Diesel Trucks

Want more info? Click here or call 801-731-0600 


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