AirDog RAPTOR RP-150 Ford Powerstroke 2008-2010 6.4L  (preset@10psi)

AirDog RAPTOR RP-150 Ford Powerstroke 2008-2010 6.4L (preset@10psi)

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AirDog RAPTOR RP-150 Ford Powerstroke 2008-2010 6.4L  (preset@10psi) 


Raptor® Lift Pumps RP-150 Performance Replacement Lift Pumps for Diesel Trucks and Equipment. High End Gerotor Fuel Pump Features The Raptor® Lift Pumps allows more fuel to flow than a stock pump. If you have an upgraded engine with larger injectors, etc., then the Raptor® Lift Pump can improve fuel flow for improved performance. A large engine can starve for fuel if a better, high rate flow pump is not used! Built-in Adjustable Regulator No Return Line Needed Single-piece Pump Body Gerotor Pump Flow Rates of 100 GPH and 150 GPH Easy Installation Raptor® Life Pump Installation Kit Installation Kit Includes: Relay Control Wiring Harness Fuel Module Up-Grade (when required) All Fuel Fittings Required Mounting Hardware 1/2″ ID Fuel Line Bracket & Spacer Plastic Ties Installation Manual For a complete listing of ALL vehicles supported, see the Vehicle Makes and Models page. Top of Page Secondary Navigation PRODUCTS AirDog AirDog II Fuel Preporator / Air Dog Class 8 Raptor Lift Pumps Raptor Dodge Factory Replacement Lift Pump HOW AIRDOGS WORK See How Our Fuel / Air Separators Work VEHICLE TYPES Pick-Up Trucks Commercial Class 6 & 7 Trucks Class 8 Semi Trucks FLEET MAINTENANCE Fleet Owners & Managers AIRDOG CATALOG Complete AirDog Catalog VEHICLE MAKES AND MODELS Chevrolet Pick-Up Trucks Dodge Pick-Up Trucks Ford Pick-Up Trucks Caterpillar Class 8 Semi Trucks Cummins Class 8 Semi Trucks Detroit Diesel Class 8 Semi Trucks Volvo Class 8 Semi Trucks International Class 8 Semi Trucks INSTALLATION MANUALS Installation Manuals for all Air Dog Models TROUBLESHOOTING Pump Sounds Intermittent or Noisy Pump Has Quit Working Loss of Fuel PSI/Running Out of Fuel Priming Issues Hard Starts with Dodge Injection Pump Bucket Testing COMMON DIESEL ENGINE PROBLEMS Poor Fuel Delivery Poor Fuel Economy Increased Exhaust Emissions Short Injector Life Short Transfer Pump Life Poor Throttle Response Poor Diesel Performance Low Horsepower Sluggish Cold Starts Unreliable Cold Starts

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